Monitors, Toyostoves, & K-1 Water Heating Systems have exhaust vents that exit your home through an exterior wall rather than through a chimney. These vents can become blocked in the winter months by snow and ice, which can affect the safe operation of the appliance. In order to keep snow away from sidewall exhaust vents, (DIY) make a simple A-Frame to protect and deflect the snow and ice from this vent. DO NOT COVER THE FRONT OF THE EXHAUST PIPE! Make sure there is plenty of room between the vent pipe and the A-Frame.Call For a
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A yearly Monitor or Toyostove inspection will prolong the life of your heating system and save on your energy bills. Having your heating system checked should not be just to check all parts are working and in a quality condition. It is also to give a heating system a good servicing. If you think about it; the amount you use your home heating system is pretty amazing compared with other mechanical equipment in your life. You drive your car maybe a few hours a day. You use your stove, your microwave, your toilet (ha!) only a few times per day each. Maybe the refrigerator and the microwave get used a bit more but still represent a fraction of the time a typical heating system runs. OK… you may use certain light fixtures as much… but I don’t think you could compare a bulb to a heating unit. The reliability, the efficiency and the safety of these units depend on everything working the way it was originally designed. Normal use definitely can put things out of original design parameters and cause issues that are foreseeable and avoidable. To use the word “clean” your monitor or toyostove is overly simplistic. The checklists that we use are very comprehensive as there are a lot more things to check than to clean. When deficiencies are noted they are brought to the homeowners’ attention so that repairs or upgrades can be considered. 
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It has come to our attention that a monitor/toyostove heating company in the Rockland & Thomaston Area is no longer servicing heating systems. We can hopefully help you. First you can bring it to us, We have a technician that can walk you through over the phone on disconnecting your system and bringing to our shop for cleaning or repair. Second come next Summer, If you would like to be on a list for in home cleaning services, Please give us a call and I will make sure to set you up next spring/summer for in home servicing.